About Us

Our vision is to be the global cloud-based operations and field service management solution for companies.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the global cloud-based operations and field service management solution for companies.

Our mission is to deliver a cloud-based software solution, that:

  • Easily captures reliable data at-source
  • Formalizes workflow
  • Manages Stock effortlessly and effectively
  • Delivers real-time reporting

Our History


First Generation

In-House ASP / MS Access deployment of an application that tracked Costs associated with Service Contracts.


Second Generation

In-House ASP.Net / MS SQL deployment of an application that took what we had in Version 1 and added Time-Sheets, Stock Control with Sub-Stores, Quotes and Jobs.


Current Generation

Cloud-Based MVC C# / MS SQL deployment of the application in its current state.

Our Team

The Eazy Contracting team is a talented group of individuals who are passionate about delivering Eazy and Efficient software, support and sales service to all small businesses.

Gayo L Primic (NHD Mech Eng)

Managing Director / Software Architect

Gayo was the original programmer on the project. In 2014 he handed the reigns over to a Development Team at Digiata and is now the Software Architect and Managing Director of the Eazy Contracting Project. He is a natural problem solver and gets great satisfaction from finding the “most-efficient” way to do what needs to be accomplished. His broad background has given him a unique outlook on businesses and how they operate. Gayo is the visionary and leader of the team and has many plans to continue “building this aircraft while in-flight” for the benefit of Eazy Contracting clients and the communities in which they operate. Gayo is a Certified Xero Advisor.

Stefan Sauer

Head of Sales & Marketing

Stefan joined Eazy Contracting in 2016. He loves Networking and speaking to “Strangers” and this trait gives him the unique ability to get to the decision makers when embarking on sales. Stefan has worked as in installation technician, and production manager, so understand the problems that are faced “in the field” and knows how Eazy Contracting would have made his life easier in those roles.

Lucille Daubeney

Sales & Marketing

Lucille has experience in marketing, specifically in the construction industry which gave her first-hand experience in dealing with contractors, engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors. She is a goal orientated, charismatic and dynamic member of the team with a vast range of business knowledge.

Anthea Primic

Head of Training & Support

Anthea has been involved with Eazy Contracting since 2011. At the time she worked for Fenwick Electrical and was the driving-force behind the Time-Sheet development; she joined the Eazy Contacting Team in 2014. Anthea has a keen eye for business and is able to quickly determine who needs what training when she starts with initial training at a client. Her calm disposition gives her an edge when dealing with users that don’t want to change.

Millicent Kgongoane⁩

Training & Support

Millicent is based in Gauteng, and takes care of our Users in that region. She has over seven years experience in the HVAC & Refrigeration industry as a Project Administrator using Eazy Contracting. Her natural problem solving skills and outgoing personality makes her a perfect candidate to do training and handle support tickets; she is also responsible for the upkeep of our on-line help files.

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