CostPlus Jobs

“What is a CostPlus Job and how do we use it?” is something that we are asked often.

A CostPlus Job is a job / project that is worked on without a “specific / fixed” quote. They are typically used when the Contractor is not able to give a quote ahead of time as the variables of the work are unknown.

CostPlus Jobs are created in Eazy Costing as “Blank Quotes” that are converted to Jobs; that Cost Items are then “booked against”.

Invoices are generated against CostPlus Jobs in a unique manor in that costs assigned to the Job, up to a specific date, are marked-up and invoice line-items created. It is possible to consolidate Labour & Travel and Material.

It is possible to generate Multiple Invoices against a CostPlus Jobs, on different dates; only items that have not yet been invoiced are included on the new invoice.